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Daily specials from best local restaurants near you

How it works
  • Get daily specials from local chefs and restaurant owners
  • Place carry-out or delivery with restaurants
  • Save $ and enjoy your meal
Mealgram is a Vegas based company 
that solves following two issues:
  • Helps customers to find the best daily specials that are available at local restaurants;
  • Helps local restaurants to compete with national chains.

On our web site local restaurants offer daily specials to you (their neighbors), to introduce you their menu. Since restaurants are able to limit the quantity of the offers and target their slow hours, they offer big discounts. With us you will save on your tasty meal and 
support local businesses.

They talk about us
  • Mealgram is such a nice website to order food. Always bringing up new deals that I wouldn't have known about
    @Citlalli Rodriguez
  • So i been trying this website to order food it’s called Mealgram... I absolutely love it!!! you all should try it, awesome deals all the time.
    @Lucero Ramirez
  • So, lve been trying Mealgram and lm loving it! They offer discounts to local Las Vegas restaurants that you cant find anywere else! You should check it out too!
    @Karla Nevarez